Who are we?

Welcome to our world.

We are Liz, Laili, Paula and Sheri. Four friends, who have met through knitting. You may have already met us at a Yarn Festival or at The Yarn Loft in Colne.

We think we have come up with a fun way of sharing what we have learnt throughout our yarn filled life.

Between the four of us there is a wealth of knowledge that we are eager and thrilled to share.

And yes we do like tea as well, and of course cake…….

Meet Liz

Liz lives with her husband in East Lancashire. She also lives with her spinning wheels, her looms, sewing machines etc…. the list of crafting hobbies is endless. She is a keen knitter, and spinner. She also hand dyes beautiful yarn which is known as the Jaunty Yarn. She loves all yarns, but has a passion for the more rustic yarns. Favourite colours range from green to blue, navy blue.

Liz was taught to knit by her mother at around the age of 6. She is a an avid knitter and currently has the following WIPS, 5 sweaters, 3 pairs of socks and a Ravelry queue a mile long. Her favourite ever sweater was the Einrum AFI (Grandfather) sweater. She wears it loads in the winter. She knitted hers with long sleeves.

AFI by Einrum. Beautiful Icelandic sweater knitted in Einrum DK, silk and Icelandic lopi blended together.

Liz finds it difficult to name her one favourite yarn, but she has come up with a short list, The Fibre Co’s Lore DK, Lily Kate’s Axis, Mammabear yarns and Hot Butter Yarns DK.

She is a huge fan of designer Melanie Berg, Kate Davies, Lily Kate and Knit Cafe Midori.

Liz has one particular knitting disasters she remember with pain – she once knitted a stunning textured shawl in Yak, she wore it one day and then lost it the same day. She is still upset about it, 6 years later…..

She is currently knitting The Robinia Sweater by Anne Ventzel in Isager yarns, the Aura Slipover in Rowan Felted Tweed, Sunday Cardigan, Wild Posy Cardigan in Plotulopi and the Nighthawk slipover in Shetland 2ply.

Liz hanging out with the ever so fabulous @lilykatemakes at Yarndale, Skipton last year.

Meet Sheri

Sheri lives in East Lancashire with her husband. She will often be found either knitting or fishing. She has knitted for some very famous UK based designers and yarn companies. She has sample knitted for some of the best companies in the world, West Yorkshire Spinners and The Fibre Co to name a few.She is a huge fan of all the Knitting Podcasts – seriously she watches and listens to all the knitting podcasts.

Sheri’s favourite yarns include The Fibre Co, Isager, West Yorkshire Spinners, Mamma Bear Hand Dyed Yarns and Hand dyed yarns from Wool is the Answer.

Her favourite ever knitted garment is the Rathbone by Holi Yeoh. She knitted it in Arranmore Light. She wears it nearly every day.

Rathbone by Holli Yeoh, knitted in The Fibre Co Arranmore Light DK

Sheri’s favourite hand knit designers are Andrea Mowry and Pia Trans

She is currently knitting 2 pairs of socks, 2 blankets, 1 pair of wrist warmers, 8 sweaters, 1 shawl, 1 cardigan and a hen doorstop !!

Sheri was taught to knit and crochet by her Grandmother at 5 years of age.

All of us have knitted disasters from time to time, and Sheri says she has too many to mention. She says that most projects she knits have a ‘mini – disaster’ at some point.

One of Sheri’s favourite moments, meeting @heybrownberry, at the Dublin Woollin, Ireland (she was very giddy after meeting Marceline)

Meet Paula

Paula lives with her husband in West Yorkshire. She has a passion for knitting and travelling, she often combines the two. On a recent trip to Scotland, she made a 180 miles detour to buy some yarn. When not travelling Paula can be found in dedicated craft studio – a little bit of knitting paradise in Yorkshire.

Paula taught herself to knit continentally at age 15. She remembers well one knitting disaster from the 1980s. She knitted a long fisherman’s rib cowl neck dress in mohair. It was too hot, too itchy, and definitely too hairy to ever wear.

Paula lists her favourite yarns as Isager Kid Silk mohair by Isager and The Fibre Co’s Lore DK. Paula also has her own hand dyeing business, Mammabear yarns. She sells her gorgeous yarns through her Etsy page.

Her favourite ever sweater is the Ranunculus by Cafe Midori House. She has knitted both versions with long sleeves and short sleeves.

Ranunculus by Midori House. Paula’s favourite sweater design. Her most recent version is a short sleeve one knitted with a stand of The Fibre Co’s Meadow and her own hand dyed Mammabear yarns Mohair.

Paula currently has the following WIPs, 9 garments, 3 pairs of socks and two shawls.

On her needles at the moment is another Ranunculus Sweater in Gedifra Suri Alpaca. 2 – The Hannah Sweater by Knitting for Olive using 2 strands of merino 4ply and 1 strand of kid silk mohair. 3 – The Easy Sweater by Marianne Isager knit in Walcott Opus yarns and Wee County yarn tweed minis.

One of Paula’s favourite travel knitting project bag from Hide and Hamer.

Meet Laili

Laili lives in East Lancashire with her husband surrounded by fields full of sheep. She has a yarn shop in nearby Colne. As well as having a shop full of yarn, her house is also full of yarn. She is hoping that she will live long enough to knit it all.

Laili has been knitting forever, she was taught to knit by both of her grandmothers since the age of about 4 years of age. She loves knitting and is never without at least eight projects on the go. Her current WIPs include two baby blankets, three cardigans, one teddy bear, four shawls and a cotton sleeveless top.

A major knitting disaster she remembers was spending months knitting a sweater for a boyfriend in awful K-Mart acrylic. The boy dumped her a week after she finished it.

Laili’s favourite yarns include Isager Jensen, The Fibre Co Meadow, Hot Butter Yams Blue Faced Leicester DK and Shilasdair DK.

On her needles at the moment :- well she is knitting four things at the same time. 1 – The Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith, she is knitting the cardigan in Catlow Yarn with some hand dyed aran from stash. 2 – Grærup Slipover by Camilla Vad, she is using Adriafil Sierra Andina DK. 3 – Taboo Shawl by Boo Knits in WYS lace and Malabrigo Mohair. 4 – Ranunculous by Midori House in Isager Trio One and Alpaca One

Her favourite hand knit designers include Kate Davies, Lily Kate France, Melanie Berg, Boo Knits, Louisa Harding and Emma Wright.

Laili’s favourite knitted garment is her Thin Air Sweater. Laili knitted this gorgeous sweater in The Fibre Co Road to China Light. The Sweater is designed by @lilykatemakes.

Thin As Air Sweater, designed by @lillykatefrance. Laili knitted hers in The Fibre Co Road to China Light.